This class is intended as a beginning level choir class for both male and female students. This course is for those who might not have taken choir in middle school but would like to try singing in a choir. It’s also an outlet for the student who enjoys singing for his/her own pleasure. Participation in various performance opportunities is a requirement of this class. Students will sing a variety of music and will participate in several concerts throughout the semester. Practicing will vary with the individual. Attendance at all performances is MANDATORY.

Concert Choir is the foundational choir at FHS. Students in the class will present at least one concert a semester and will continue working to improve their singing abilities. Students in this class are expected to participate in rehearsals and performances. Homework (practicing) outside of class will vary with the individual and attendance at all performance is MANDATORY.

B-Naturals is the show choir of FHS, students in grades 9-12 are invited to audition each year before registration to participate in this class. While participation in a previous choir class is not required, it os strongly encouraged. Students will learn and perform a variety of different musical styles to include contemporary, jazz, pop, rock and rock, R & B, et. Elements of B-Naturals include song, theater, costume, and dance. Attendance at rehearsal and performances is MANDATORY.

*Students planning to take B-Naturals must also register for 
Chamber Singers in order to be enrolled. Students who register for these two classes will be required to stay in the class both semesters.

Chamber Singers is the advanced choir class at FHS. Students in this class have auditioned and understand the level of work and dedication required to be successful. Auditions are held every year before registration, and while participation in a previous choir class is not required, it is strongly encouraged. The Chamber Singers attend the North Carolina Music Educators Music Performance Adjudication every March, perform at class day and graduation, and present a spring concert and show each year. Attendance at rehearsals and all performances is MANDATORY. **Students planning to take Chamber Singers must also register for B- Naturals in order to enroll. This is a year-long class, and students are required to stay in both classes both semesters.

*Prerequisite: 2 Units of Chorus; Audition required

This ensemble is a select choir for female voices offered by audition only. Students will be considered according to their music reading skills and vocal maturity. The following vocal/musical skills for ensemble singing will be stressed: proper vocal production, blend and balance, sight-reading proficiency, ear training, expansion of range, technical facility, a cappella singing, and 3 and 4 part music. Various languages will be incorporated in the repertoire, designed to challenge and perfect the musicianship of every member. Homework (practicing) will vary with the individual. Attendance at rehearsals and performances is MANDATORY for participation in this class.

*Prerequisite: Concert Choir I; Audition required

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