This class is intended as a beginning level choir class for both male and female students. This course is for those who might not have taken choir in middle school but would like to try singing in a choir. It’s also an outlet for the student who enjoys singing for his/her own pleasure. Participation in various performance opportunities is a requirement of this class. Students will sing a variety of music and will participate in several concerts throughout the semester. Practicing will vary with the individual. Attendance at all performances is MANDATORY.

Concert Choir is an elective anyone can join from the start of Freshman year, you work through the semester improving your voice and confidence, learning how to read music and even learning about the musical artists! This class in total has four concert choirs to take, resulting in getting college credit if you complete all classes, the only requirement in this class is participation and the want and effort to be there.

B-Naturals is the audition choir of FHS. Students, in grades 11-12, are welcome to audition each year. If you audition and make it in, make sure you sign up for B-Naturals for both semesters. You have to take concert choir at least two times to audition. The students that are in this class are very talented and perform at least two concerts each semester. The students work on a variety of different genres like, Pop, Rock, and Jazz etc. The elements of B-Naturals are always: be ready to work hard, always have a smile on your face even if you have a bad day, and always have a positive attitude. Eventually, they’ll become like a family. All rehearsals and concerts are MANDATORY. 

*Students planning to take B-Naturals must also register for 
Chamber Singers in order to be enrolled. Students who register for these two classes will be required to stay in the class both semesters.

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