Classroom Insider: Theater I
Makayla Burke Olivia Stahl
April 24, 2018

This is Mr. Huckabee’s current Theater I class. They are currently working on their play “Murder On the Front Row.” Pictures above show them running lines, working on scenes, and rehearsing curtain call. This class is for people who like to act. Theater I covers basic elements of performing. “Murder On the Front Row” is a murder mystery gone very wrong. It follows the story of a Host and Hostess having a party, that oddly only has one guest invited, but don’t worry there will be some unexpected visitors as the night goes on.

Cast: Hannah Angel, Emily Hunter, Madison Klimas, Lauren Macumber, Alexis Neely, Carter Payne, Dawson Post, Ceairah Silvers, Olivia Stahl, and William Wood.

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Classroom Insider: Theater I