Classroom Insider: Aquaculture and Agriculture
Jennifer Trammel
Hailey Taylor
October 1, 2018

Right now, Mrs. Collins’s class is studying aquaculture. The classroom is currently doing powerpoints on aquaculture, and everyday they will have to keep up with the fish that they have in there. The class takes place in the AG building all the way across the campus. There are two classrooms in the building– Animal Science I and II. The other classroom would be aquaculture, which is in Farming & Ranch. In the class, they go to the fair to clean or help set-up. While in the classroom, you can tell that the students work hard on each assignment that they are given. Most people would say, “oh that class is so easy, it’s not hard.” Well, it can be hard sometimes and easy sometimes! There are some really fun times in class. They once had a snowball fight! The teachers are really cool and give good advice to all their students. Sometimes, like all of us, they can have moments where it’s hard when they have had a bad day, and on other days, they can act like one of the students and join in when whenever we have snowball fights.

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Classroom Insider: Aquaculture and Agriculture