Classroom Insider: Spooky Food Fanatics
Sam conway
Eduardo Cruz Vasquez
November 5, 2018

 On Halloween, the students of Mrs. McClure’s Foods 1 classes experienced a much different classroom atmosphere then they’re used to. Due to popular demand of some taste testing, Mrs. Mcclure decided her students were in need of some fun and decided to add this into the day’s lesson plan. Kaden Thompson, who is one of Mrs. McClure’s students, walked in and was very surprised when he saw snacks on a table in the middle of the room. He and his classmates were told to split up into teams of six for the many activities they had coming their way. One of the games had the students balance a cookie on their forehead and try to get into their mouth without using their hands; winning this would earn their team five points, going towards the ultimate prize of candy. Mrs. McClure had her students also stick their hands in some mystery food while being blindfolded! The students had a pleasant time participating in these events. “Personally, I have three core classes this semester. So to have a little break in between classes felt really good.” Kaden said after the games. This day was very successful for all of Mrs. McClure’s classes. “It was a great and exciting, not normal day full of laughter!” said a very pleased Mrs. McClure.

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Spooky Food Fanatics