Color Guard

  • Franklin High School offers the following course for Color guard:

 Have you seen all that color with the band? Or that solo dancer around that solo trumpet player? Do you love spinning rifles and sabres and enjoy performing amazing tricks with flags? Have you ever wanted to dance for thousands of people, and compete with a group of competitive dancers to help emphasize the music the band is performing? If this catches your interest, then COLOR GUARD is exactly what you have been searching for! Color guard (yes, they are part of the band)… adds the basic moves and pageantry for the marching band. Dance and flag choreography will be taught and rehearsed for presentation with the Marching Band during summer camp, during 1st period, during on-field performances, and sometimes after school with a big pizza party. And now, for sign-up information… Students are
 expected to follow all Macon County and Franklin High School Policies at all times, or they may be sent home via parents’ expense. All marching competitions, after-school rehearsals, and Christmas concerts are MANDATORY for grading purposes. A band fee set forth by the Band Boosters Organization will be required of all students to assist in running costs for the organization. Members will be required to purchase their outfits. Summer band camp is required for participation in the marching season. Pre-camp and auditions are held in mid-February to early March for this class. You must attend the pre-camp and audition in order to participate in the color guard.

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Color Guard