FHS: Band Insider
JD Valentine
October 25

Q: What is your instrument and why?

A:  I play the baritone because it has a low rumbling sound and it is powerful if you know how to play it.

Q: Why did you join band?

A:  I didn’t fit in socially with other sports, but band brought out the best in me and it feels like home.

Q: What is the atmosphere in band for you? 

A: We are family, and are always there for each other whenever there is a problem. We stick together. 

Q: How are your feelings toward Band so far?

A: I have a massive love for band and it will never die.

Q: If you could switch instruments, what would it be and why? 

A: It would be trombone because of how similar it is to the baritone.

Q: Do you enjoy band competitions? 

A: I love band competition, we all get to interact with other bands, the food is amazing, we get to put our show on the field and play our heart out, and it is so fun to watch massive bands perform.

Q: Do you plan taking band to a college or further?

A: I do, but only as a hobby.

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Band Insider: JD Valentine