Franklin High School: Student Spotlight
Daniel (Ashton) Sutton, Freshman
November 8, 2018

About the student…..

Q: How long have you been at Franklin High School, and have you enjoyed your
time here?

A: I’ve been here for about 4 months and I love it here.

Q: What is your favorite memory about Franklin High School?

A: My favorite memory was getting here and seeing my friends

Q: What school subject is your favorite?

A: My favorite subject is math.

Q: What do you plan to do after you graduate?

A: Probably go to college

Q: How do you describe yourself, and what influences your style and personality?

A: I would describe myself as a truthful jokester and my friends influenced this.

Q: What is important to you?

A: Doing good in this school

Q: Do you have any hobbies, and if so what are they?

A: I have 2 watching my brother and dogs

Q: What are your interests?

A: Video Games and hanging out with my friends

Q: Who are your role models, and what do they do?

A: I don’t have one.

Q: Do you have any pets, and if so what are their names?

A: I have 2, Moo and Nova

Q: What are your favorite shows/movies to binge watch?

A: Spongebob and Avengers

Q: What’s something you’ve been meaning to try, but just haven’t got around to it?

A: Baseball

Q: What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done that actually turned out pretty well?

A: Acting dumb in 7th grade. It turned out good because that’s how I met my friends in Illinois

Q: If you could convince everyone in the world to do one thing at one point in time, what would that thing be?

A: Be nice and help others

Q: What’s the best thing about you?

A: Loyalty

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Student Spotlight: Daniel (Ashton) Sutton