Student Spotlight: Bethany Jenkins

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1. What were your thoughts going into high school having an older sister already there?

A-I was happy because she could show me around and help me a little.

2.What is your secret talent that you have?

A-I do my own makeup and my favorite makeup artist is James Charles.

3.What are some things you have learned in high school so far?

A-Don’t fall down the stairs, and make good grades.

4.What is your most embarrassing moment?

A-Whenever I got hit in the face with a volleyball during warmups.

5.Who is your favorite teacher and why?

A-Mr. Haley, because he always picks on people and makes jokes all the time in class.

6. What are two goals you want to achieve for next year?

A-My first goal is to make news friends and my second goal would be to try and make all varsity sports.