Franklin High School: Student Spotlight
Ashlee Welch, Sophomore
November 29, 2018

About the student…..

Q: So, you are in band. How long have you been playing?

A: I have been playing since 6th grade.

Q: What instrument do you play?

A: I play the baritone.

Q: What is your favorite band memory from a competition or even just band camp?

A: My favorite memory was while we were on the Universal trip, my friend Kaylee and I saw this really cute guy, his name was Liam and he was from Michigan, so we showed Huck to him and he told us that he also thought he was very cute and so Huck set us up and got us talking to him. I haven’t seen or heard from him since, but it was still very funny and great.

Q: You are also into photography, what made you want to start doing that? 

A: My dad had a photography business when I was little, and I just loved taking pictures.

Q: What kinds of shots are your favorite to look at, or take?

A: Nature shots! I love nature shots, oh and sunsets.

Q: Has it been difficult swimming after your surgery on your hand?

A: Yes, it has been very difficult swimming with my hand, I still have to use a ladder to get out, but other than that it is doing much better and continuing to heal.

Q: How about band, was that challenging at all?

A: So, I couldn’t hold an instrument, and so I just had to sit in the back and watch everyone else play, but it was fine.

Q: What’s your best piece of advice, for anyone, including yourself?

A: There is this quote I really like and look at all the time if that counts… it is ‘Life’s most precious moments are like a shooting star, you see them only for a blink but they are with you forever.’

Q: Is it weird having your mom as a teacher?

A: Oh yeah! It’s super weird.

Q: Has she ever embarrassed you in class? Please share all the details.

A: She embarrases me all the time. She shows people pictures of me and tells them stories.

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Student Spotlight: Ashlee Welch