Student Spotlight: Holly Bates

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Holly Bates, 9th
alex windsor
april 9th

Everyone has something that’s important to them, for Holly Bates its soccer. Sometimes first experiences don’t always go well. “Oh my gosh, a bit awkward. In 6th grade they had this soccer field and all the guys would be playing so I would just stand by and watch. So eventually I just joined in. It was a bit awkward I guess, being like one of the only girls playing. But here I am!” Usually every athlete has a story behind their jersey number. “Oh okay, 42. So I get hurt a lot since I’m goalie, I’m always falling and I have joint problems. So I made the joke that I have the body of a 42 year old man so hence ‘42’.” But, sometimes you need a break from all the sports things. “Well, I’m in FFA (Future Farmers of America) but other than soccer, nothing else. My life’s pretty slow.” Everyone has a hero whether its a family member, celebrity, whatever. “My mom. I know that sounds very typical, but she really is. She’s great, she does a lot without being asked. She’s very respectful.”  As typical Holly she has many jokes that she knows by heart but this one is her favorite, “Oh it’s raining cats and dogs. Watch out you’ll step in a poodle” There are many fads in the past years but these, in her opinion, are the worst. “Fortnite and TikTok. They’re childish, dumb and cringey. Oh, so cringey.” As a freshman there are many goals to complete before senior year, these are just a few. “Get a job, get a car, try to make my grades better, and become the best dang goalie there is in the high school when Sidonia Morales (varsity goalie) and Kiley Stanley  (varsity goalie) leave.”

Alex Windsor