Student Spotlight: McKinney Martin

Bailey Rouse

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Franklin High School: Student Spotlight
McKinney Martin, Junior
Bailey Rouse
March 14th

FHS junior McKinney Martin has multiple things she wants to accomplish in and out of high school. She says “I hope to go to a 4-year college after high school and hopefully travel!” she has also taken up many hobbies in her lifetime, “I love trying new things and it’s hard to pick just one to talk about, but my favorite would be learning to play the Ukulele.” One thing McKinney definitely won’t be taking up is wearing crocs, “They have so many holes and don’t protect your feet from anything” she says. Although McKinney is excited for her life after high school, she has made many memories and bonds with students and teachers here she will never forget. Mrs. Weresuk, a science teacher here at the high school, has helped many students find their calling.’’ Mrs. Weresuk is always ready to listen and help with a problem and is always so positive throughout the day, she also helped me find a love for science!” McKinney is also an amazing runner! “I have been running cross country since my sophomore year and I also plan on taking up track this year!” If you ever want to know more facts about McKinney, you can find her in Mr. Jessup’s B-naturals class singing her heart out. “I’ve always loved to sing, especially in the shower where I practice songs for our concerts and class solos” McKinney believes she has lived her life to the fullest and doesn’t plan on stopping her goals and adventures now

Bailey Rouse