FHS Misses Students During COVID-19 Shutdown


Rylee Hord-Armes

I bet most of you are feeling the boredom that comes with not being at school right now due to the Covid-19 shutdown, But while we cannot go to school it is still very important that each and everyone of us stay home to stop the spread of it. At this time there is only one Macon County Citizen that has the virus and we would like to keep it that way so we can go back to living our normal lives. But for now we will have to carry on, I have a message from FHS Faculty and staff.

“Franklin High School misses their students! The parking lot, the commons area, the media center and the classrooms are all empty. Where there used to be almost 900 students on campus, the campus is now made up of faculty and staff that are staying busy preparing virtual lessons as well as meals for students.Together, we will get through this!”