Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership meets every day during 2nd period to bring our school closer together. Led by Mrs. Moffitt, this class comes together to impact both student and faculty morale. Here at FHS, we are a family, and the leadership team works hard to give us that positive high school experience. Some things they have done for our faculty every Friday include providing drinks from Sonic and goodie bags, hosting a bagel and coffee bar, and they have passed out gum with positive messages such as “Thank you for going the Extra mile”. They have also contributed to the students lives and include everyone from all different backgrounds. They have collaborated with Mrs. Houston’s class to make wooden toys, where the students worked hard to build and color their own creations. They have also done good deeds for our campus. If you haven’t noticed, we now have a banner hanging in the commons that reads, “Panther territory”, and we also have new mulch that they have provided us with. Future plans and activities are in store for us this year. The team hopes to reach every member of FHS and grow the Leadership during these unprecedented times.