Makin’ Bots Build Season 2018

Dawson Post

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The Makin’ Bots attend the FRC Kickoff and receive their Kit of Parts!

Meeting in sub teams:  Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Programming, Strategy and Marketing/Fundraising!  The team started working on a prototype of our arm.

Work on chaise continues with mechanical engineering team.  The electrical engineering team is starting to layout the wiring plan and the computer programming team has already started looking over sample code and looking over the rules for the autonomous portion of the game.  The marketing/fundraising team has some great ideas for raising some money and Ariana has been hard at work perfecting our logo and mascot!

Electrical system is being set up while work continues on the chaise and arm. The programming team continues to work on the driving systems. 

The “Arm Team” continues work on prototypes using an Arduino and Jesse’s tutorial.  We braised some aluminum tubing to create brackets and the drill press got some use!  The work space is getting loud but it is a good kind of noise. The team is working very hard to meet the 6-week deadline.

The Makin’ Bots Robotics Team now has a working robot! The current robot can move and lift blocks up to 6ft high. Now to the competitions!