Bryan Delgado
My name is Bryan Delgado and I am a Junior. My top 3 celebrities are Kylie Jenner, Vin Diesel, and Emily Ratajkowski. I plan to attend Southwestern Community College to study graphic design and business. My favorite type of music is rap/hip-hop and reggaeton. When the school day is over I like to go hang out with my friends and take pictures. My favorite soccer team is Chivas De Guanajuato. The car I want to have in the future is a Koenigsegg Agera R. The city that I want to visit in the future would be Miami, Florida. I don’t have a favorite book because I rarely read. My favorite TV show is Narcos on Netflix. A weird talent I have is being able to pop all my knuckles at once.


Bryan Delgado , Staff

Mar 26, 2018
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