This is Mary Jane. Her favorite celebrity is Michelle Rodriguez. She wants to be an OB/GYN when she grows up. If she could, she would be a superhero instead of a villain because she loves Superman. She likes all kinds of music except classical. Her favorite movie is “Love and Basketball”. She likes animals. If she ever found a penguin, she would build a habitat for it in her freezer and keep it as a pet. Her favorite kind of treat is her step dad’s sister’s AMAZING Oreo balls. Her favorite core subject is math. The celebrity that reminds her of herself the most would be Kelly Clarkson. Her life goal is to be married, be a good mother, and have a pretty good job. The thing that she if proudest of in her life would be her older sister. Her older sister is a young mom of one with one due in march. She still wants to go to school. Every time Mary walks into a room the song “Drop the world” by Lil Wayne plays. Mary is very interesting.


Mary Laws, Staff

Mar 05, 2018
Student Spotlight: Olivia Hedden (Story)
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