Ryan Karcher
Ryan Karcher is a world renown water polo enthusiast. However, for two reasons, he no longer participates. One because the school board “wouldn’t fund his dream”, and two, he doesn’t exactly know what water polo is.

Some things to know about Ryan, He is afraid of crickets, “hopping demons” he calls them. His best friend is Nicholas Egor Walker, the rad kid from the Motherland, he has known him since the 1st grade.

Ryan has a multitude of ways to pass the time. His favorite being sleeping. Another one is swimming, or anything to do with water really. However, something else Ryan enjoys (although he won’t admit to it, he claims that because he’s in The Lounge, he’s some kind of professional) is taking epic selfies with his drone.

Ryan is known for his ability to help others with their problems, so I asked for help with something I think everyone ponders at some point; how do I become a master of dabbing? He had this to say on the subject: “The best dabs occur during a sneeze, so if you feel a sneeze coming follow these steps. Stand clear of bystanders, (to avoid causing damage to people) lean far back, and throw your forehead into the bend of your arm. Results may vary”


Ryan Karcher , Staff

May 10, 2018
Feb 23, 2018
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