Classroom Insider: Haunted Carvings For Deal Farms

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Haunted Carvings For Deal Farms
Kaylee jenkins + ashlyn watts
october 12th, friday

On October 11th, Mrs. Hagan’s art class decided to carve out pumpkins for the annual Deal farm haunted corn maze! They worked all week on these pumpkins, and have had an excellent outcome giving back to their community! We interviewed the students in her 3rd period class and got some interesting answers and opinions on this project! 

We asked students:

On a scale from 1-10, how much did you enjoy this project, and why?

Samantha Mathis: 9.5, because it can be really gross but super fun!

Dalen Aldrich: 8, because it’s a good break from drawing and the usual stuff that we do.

Did you copy a design or create one yourself? 

Kiley Stanley: I created my own, I made a spooky face!

Clayton Partain: I copied one,  I made a mountain design with bats flying.

Also, don’t forget:  The Haunted Corn Maze at Deal Farms will cost 10 dollars for entry, and will be open October 13th, 20th, and 27th at 8 pm!

Thanks for reading today,

Ashlyn Watts & Kaylee Jenkins