Student Spotlight: Austin Holland

Gillian Porzel

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Austin Holland, 10th
Gillian porzel
march 26th

He said his dream car would be “A black mustang, because I’ve always wanted one since I was 6 or 7 and they’ve always been fascinating to me because of how fast they can go.” If he won the lottery, he said he would have to buy “another mustang.” Austin plays on the football team; some good memories he has from football are, “Team captain, when I pancake someone in a game, and last would be recovering a fumble.” When asked if he could do any magic tricks, he said “I can only do one.” If he had three wishes he’d want them to be, “Having a million dollars, another mustang, and for all the oceans to be cleaner.” His favorite song that he listens to a lot is “A man’s world, by James Brown.” Austin’s idea of a perfect date is “Taking her out to eat.” He said what he’d miss the most after high school, “all of my friends because they’re going to different colleges.” When asked if he would rather sing Bodak Yellow by Cardi B once in front of the entire school or eat cow’s tongue for the rest of his life, he immediately replied with “I would sing the song once.” His favorite cheesy pickup line is “If you were an angle, you’d be acute one.” Very cheesy huh?    


Gillian Porzel