Student Spotlight: Abigail Sanchez

Callie Martin

Franklin High School: Student Spotlight
callie martin
may 5th

I used to have five siblings, but one of them died. Some of them are like my blood sisters, some of them are my half siblings, but I still consider them as very close siblings. For my dream job I want to be the owner of an orphanage, I like helping others and one day I want to become a missionary, travel around, and preach. I like to read and I just like to hangout with my family. I like to either read mystery books or read the bible, I just get interested in them, I feel like I’m there but not there. Rice and beans would be the food I’d eat for the rest of my life if I had to because it’s a good combination I like it, it’s simple and it’s good protein. Pineapple on pizza is good, it’s not bad, I like pineapple and I like pizza.

Callie Martin