Student Spotlight

Renae Younce

Student Spotlight Featuring Chloe Baty

When is the upcoming blood Drive?

-November 7th

How has COVID impacted HOSA? 

-COVID has affected HOSA in many ways, one being last year our state conference was all virtual and this year our regionals is all virtual as well.

How do you all raise money to go to different places?

-Currently we are selling Pura Vida bracelets in our school colors that are $8 a piece and we make a $5 profit per each bracelet. 

What do you learn from HOSA?

-HOSA has taught me about different occupations in the healthcare field to broaden our interests in our future career paths.

How does HOSA look on your college resume?

-HOSA looks really well on your college resume because for one its an extracurricular activity and its school based and it shows that you have an interest in the medical field.

How many kids are in HOSA?

-Right now we have about 10 kids I believe but we are always looking for other students interested in the club.

How do other people get in HOSA?

-To be a apart of HOSA or get more information come to me (Chloe Baty) or Mrs. Deitz and we would love to give you more information and get you all signed up.

When are the meetings?

-Right now our meetings are every other Friday morning.