Classroom Insider: Public Safety
Hannah Jennings
Katlyn Howell
October 4

Last week we observed in on Mr. Pickens Public Safety class , this week Pickens had members on the Macon County Law Enforcement office visit his students. 


Tuesday Detective Dani Buros came in the speak about her line of work. Ms. Buros  works as a detective for Special VictIms Unit which deals with sexual assault, domestic abuse, or crimes against children or the elderly. Ms. Buros loves the feeling she gets when she helps people in need. We asked her what she thought about being a woman in law enforcement and she said that being a detective along with a bunch of men was never a problem. She talks about how she has been seen on days without make up and her hair up in a bun but she still is a hard worker and workers just as hard as the men do. We appreciate everything Ms. Buros has done for macon county and look forward to see what else she can do .


Wednesday Sheriff Holland came to talk about his job , he describes his job as “ hard and stressful sometimes but it’s what I love doing” Sheriff Holland said that his past is what led him to being a sheriff. We asked him what helps him with the stress during the job and he said “ Family and Hobbies like hunting and fishing are the ways I distress especially going home to my family” He also spends time encouraging others to help themselves, he wants to push for an increase in salary and he says that even though public opinion discourages cops he still pushes to do the very best for macon county  and we appreciate it.


Thursday Ken Lane came by to talk about what he does as a Road Patrol officer. Mr Lane is a big advocate for General Happiness and loves helping people in time of need , but there are times were he is affected by the job, he goes on to talk about how the worst thing is when children are emotionally hurt , he talks about how it affects children for life and how he is affected when deaths happen that could have been easily avoided. Mr. Lane uses physical activity as a distress and tells us about how hard it is to leave work at work. Mr. lane would not change from being a patrol officer. 


Friday K9 officers came to demonstrate the dogs uses. The officers talk about how their dogs are there best friends/ family and how the trust is built between the two of them. We got to meet the dogs and watch the demonstrations 

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Classroom Insider: Public Safety