Band Insider: Terry Martin

Emma Browning

What instrument do you play in band and why?
Flute, because my mom and sister played it and they taught me when I was little how to play the flute.

What inspires you to be in band?
Everyone loves everyone and it is a good group to be around.

Do you plan to stay in band the rest of your high school career?
Yes. I am going to do colorguard and pursue that at Western.

Would you encourage other students to join band?
Yes. No matter your background, you can have a conversation with anyone.

If you could switch instruments, what would it be and why?
Saxophone, because of the way it sounds and I would love to play it.

What is your favorite memory that you have from band?
In 8th grade, my brother was in indoor percussion and Mrs. Huckabee told me what Winterguard is and I tried out for it and made the team and have been doing it for three years and I’m going to do it next year.