Student Spotlight: Haley Gramigna

Emma Browning

What grade are you in? 


Do you play any sports?

Tennis and soccer.

Do you have any siblings? 

I have one. 

What do you have an interest in?


What is a hobby you have?

I like to play basketball and act. 

What are two school memories you have?

A dance that a group of my friends and I did in theater for the fall play, and the Penny Wars in Mr. Dailey’s class. We were so serious about winning. 

Have you ever embarrassed yourself in class?

Yes, all the time! Like once I decided to wear wedged heels to look cute and I fell down in the hallway between classes. 

What is a funny memory you have?

When we pretended to swim in the hallways.

Have you ever been scared of coughing in class?

Yes, because it is loud and not a pleasant sound and spreads too many germs.