Student Spotlight: Evan Klatt


Lainey bowers and Tonni Elkins , Student Spotlight

Q:What has been your favorite year of highschool?


A: Freshman year was my favorite year of high school because I believe that year had the highest school spirit .


Q:Who is your favorite teacher?


A:My favorite teacher was Captain Kuppers because of how much passion he taught with, it really helped me to feel passionate about what I was learning


Q: What is your favorite food?


A: My favorite food is fettuccine alfredo.


Q:Do you have any advice for freshmen?


A:Take SCC classes as early and as often as possible. 


Q What is your favorite movie?


A:My favorite movie is The Wolf of Wall Street


Q: Do you have a favorite sport?


A:My favorite sport is Football


Q: Have you participated in any clubs?


A: I participate in FBLA, and the National Honor Society.


Q: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?


A:If I could travel anywhere I would travel to the beach in FIJI


Q:What is your dream job?


A:My dream job is to be a business owner.


Q: What are your plans after graduation?


A:I plan to go to Western after high school.