Franklin High School Student Spotlight: Isaac Jennings


Brielle Perry

Isaac Jennings has been selected for our student spotlight of the week. Isaac is involved in multiple sports such as soccer and wrestling and has excelled in both. Isaac has been at Franklin High school all four years and is excited for what his future awaits him. Read below to get to know Isaac!

Below is our interview with Isaac:

What grade are you in?  

I’m a senior in the class of 2022!

As a soccer captain what other duties/responsibilities do you now have?

  I see my duties and responsibilities being the same with or without the captain position. 

 What are you loving most about your senior year? 

 The thing I enjoy most about being a senior is my knowledge and experience in school and sports. Being a senior, I expect myself to have my best year in all sports since I’ve had all this time to train with great coaches.

How do you think high school  has changed you?

 I believe it has changed my perspective on learning. I’ve always liked school  but coming to FHS, I’ve had the opportunity to study under some great teachers that made something like math a thing to look forward to everyday.