Congrats Mrs. Moffit on Receiving the NCHSAA Commissioner’s Cup

Joseph Spates

Mrs. Moffit Accepts the Commissioner's Cup

Spates: So, Mrs. Moffit, I understand you won the NCHSAA Commissioner’s Cup. How does it feel to win this award?


Moffit: Well I feel it is a great honor and representation for our school to win an award. But, winning that award is not really about me. It’s about the FHS faculty members and the FHS student leadership team that lead that unify event that won that commissioners cup. So although it was presented to me it is definitely a reflection of all of Franklin High School.


Spates: Does it make you proud that the cause you did for the Unify March Madness Game has been recognized by the state?


Moffit: Absolutely! I think any time there is recognition for your school for doing a positive event for your school is wonderful exposure for your school.


Spates: What was your favorite part of the Unify Game?


Moffit: All of the unify events are school-wide events that are meant to bring all of us together. They are meant to “unify” our student body, our faculty, for everybody to come together for one cause to positively impact a large group of people.


Spates: Do you have any advice for any students or teachers who also want to achieve an award like the commissioner cup or a different type of award?


Moffit: I don’t know if I have any advice for winning an award but I think for faculty members and students to just get involved anytime there is something to be involved with that is bigger than yourself, where you can positively impact a lot of people. I say go for it and you know you constantly positively impact people.


Spates: Alright Last question Mrs. Moffit, do you have any future goals for the unify games?


Moffit: We are actually going to, we had scheduled our annual second Unify March Madness game for this past March but it got canceled. Hopefully, we got one scheduled for this March. We won’t be able to have the number of fans as we had last time but this time hopefully we will have, with a limited amount of spectators.

Congratulations Mrs. Moffit,

on Receiving the NCHSAA Award.