Night to Shine


Jasmin Valencia and Ulises Padron-Perez

What is night to shine?

Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs ages 14 and older. This year, on Friday, February 11, 2022, Night to Shine celebrated its eighth anniversary as thousands from around the world came together to honor those with disabilities.

Q. Since when did night to shine start in FHS?

A. In 2017 I watched a video of a previous Night to Shine  prom and was so touched by it. I felt it would be something that our church could do and so I filled out an application and our church was accepted to host a Night to Shine prom event. In February, 2018 we hosted our first Night to Shine Prom with about  100 guests attending. The event can be attended by guests from ages 14 and up. Our oldest guest that has attended was in his 80s.

Q. how has covid interfered with night to shine?

A. Before Covid hit we were able to have an actual prom in person with catered food, dancing and a red carpet. The last two years we have had to have the prom virtual with each guest being at their home and watch a prerecorded event sent to them from the Tim Tebow foundation. But they also have allowed us to have what is called a Shine thru. At this we give them a bag of goodies along with their crown or tiara for their virtual prom at home. While it is not the same as the actual prom, we are very thankful for the opportunity to show them they are loved. 

Q. How many people went at night to shine this year?

A. This year we had about 60 guest drive through the Shine Thru. At the actual prom event we usually have at least 100 guests. 

Q. Can we have a quote on Why does night to shine mean so much to you and your students?

A. Night to Shine has become my favorite night of the year!! I have worked in the special needs classrooms at FHS abd also at the middle school and have made life long friends with so many of them. The volunteers I work with and myself work almost the whole year planning and praying so that each and every guests has an awesome  night each year. Every one of them are given a crown or tiara and Tom Tebow shares a video declaring each one of them king or queen of the prom. It’s simply an amazing feeling watching that happen. The purpose of the prom is to let them know they are loved by us and most importantly by God. They cannot wait to have it each year. Their faces are precious when they see what has been done in their honor.