Where Are They Now? Maci Lequire


Abby Carpenter, All sports

Macie Lequire is a fourth grade teacher at Highlands school. Macie graduated from FHS in 2011 and if you needed to find  Maci you would find her playing tennis or cruisin around town listening to music. Maci went on to pursue her academic career at Western Carolina University and graduated in 2015. Ms. Lequire always wanted to be a teacher, as a kid Ms.Lequire would set her stuffed animals up and “teach” to them. Ms. Lequire’s favorite part about teaching is creating a classroom space that is welcoming, safe, and consistent for all of her students and her favorite subject to teach to her fourth graders is reading, Ms.Lequire believes “that a person who doesn’t like reading, just hasn’t read the right book yet!” Highlands School is very lucky to have such a great teacher like Ms. Lequire!