What Gameday Looks Like as our Principal

Grant Adams

Mr. Noe's Involvement with Athletics

A lot of people probably assume that the Athletic Director and head coach for each team figure everything out with the sports world, but that is simply not the case. I got to communicate with Mr. Noe via email earlier this week and asked him to give me insight on how a week looks for him regarding athletics.

A typical Monday starts off with him receiving the sheet with all of the home athletic events for the upcoming week. His job then is to discuss with our athletic director how the games will be covered, and if we have enough security to make sure the game is a safe environment for the athletes and spectators.

He then will assign people to the gates of the games to collect money for tickets to view the event. He also mentioned that Ms. Tabor does a large amount of work involving the money. She will likely be the one in charge of making sure the referees get paid, make sure the front gates have cash, and make sure that after the event that all of the earnings get put into the bank. 

Typically after the games at the end of the week, they discuss how well the games ran. They critique on how to make the games a better environment for everyone. I would say that our school has done a phenomenal job at making the athletic events a fun and safe activity to enjoy for our town.