Phillip Angel
My name is Phillip Angel and the store I'd like to max my credit card out at Footlocker because I like the clothes and shoes they carry. I can't really choose one talent I'm better than the other at so it's a two way tie between guitar and video editing. I wouldn't say I'm proud of one particular thing in life because I try to be proud of every positive thing I do. The one job I'd be terrible at is probably being a restaurant manager because of keeping up with all the records and salaries. The habit that other people have that I hate would be chewing with their mouth open. My biggest or most irrational fear would probably be getting bit by a shark in the ocean. The most interesting fact about me is that when i was born I had webbed fingers on both of my hands, I'm also an Atlanta Falcons fan plus my favorite food is stea

Phillip Angel, Staff

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