Business, Finance and Information Technology

Business, Finance and Information Technology provides students with meaningful instruction for and about business. Instruction encompasses business skills and techniques, an understanding of basic economics, and business attitudes essential to participate in the multinational marketplace as productive workers and consumers

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Multimedia and Webpage Design

This course focuses on desktop publishing, graphic image design, computer animation, multimedia production, and webpage design. Communication skills and critical thinking are reinforced through software applications. English language arts and arts are reinforced.

Hospitality and Tourism

In this class you will learn about the tourism industry and marking. You will also learn about various careers in the service industry.

Business Application

In this class you will learn how to use software. You will also learn about business document formatting.

Principles of Business and Finance

This is an introductory course to business topics. You will learn basic marketing and business principles and business organization.

Personal Finance

You will learn how to budget, how investing works, how credit cards work, and how to make financial decisions. You will also learn about taxes and what kind of taxes are taken out of your paycheck.

Accounting I

Accounting for merchandising business, closing entry’s, and preparing financial statements.

Accounting Applications

Basic book keeping, you will go in depth with income tax preparation with Drake Software.

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Business, Finance and Information Technology