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FHS Faculty

Susan Allen[email protected] – English

Emily Awtrey – emily.a[email protected] – Math

Tina Ballent[email protected] – Exceptional Children

Shelly Black[email protected] – Foreign Language

Julie Brabson[email protected] – exceptional Children

Kathy Breedlove[email protected] – Guidance

Bekah Brooks[email protected] – Health & P.E.

Jay Brooks[email protected] – Health & P.E.

Josh Brooks[email protected] – Business

Michelle Brooks[email protected] – Business

Elena Carlson[email protected] – ESL

Jenny Collins[email protected] – CTE Department

Sonya Cousineau[email protected] – Exceptional Children

Denise Davis[email protected] – Social Studies

John deVille[email protected] – Social Studies

Amanda Dowdle[email protected] – Office Staff

Rita Esterwood[email protected] – Health Occupation

Tyler Faetz[email protected] – English

Tammy Foster[email protected] – Office Staff

Blake Fox [email protected] – CTE Department

Tiffany Garrett[email protected] – Mathematics

Lilian Gerber[email protected] – Office Staff

Kathi Graham[email protected] – English

Marty Greeble[email protected] – Librarian

Henrietta Haithcock[email protected] – Home Economics

Dana Haley[email protected] – English

Ryan Haley[email protected] – Social Studies

Scott Hartbarger[email protected] – Health & P.E.

Hope Hawkins [email protected] – Mathematics

Tim Hawkins[email protected] – Health & P.E.

Sherri Houston[email protected] – Exceptional Children

Jeff Howard[email protected] – Social Studies

Rita Hubbs[email protected] – Science

Buddy Huckabee[email protected] – Art/Music

David Jenkins[email protected] – EC Assistant

Robert Jessup[email protected] – Chorus

Martha Keener[email protected] – Guidance Secretary

Blair King[email protected] – Assistant Principal

Bobby Kuppers[email protected] – Social Studies

Joan Lansford[email protected] –  Art

Kathy Ledford[email protected] – Exceptional Children

Hope Mauck[email protected] – Science

David Mcalister[email protected]  -Mathematics

Kate Mcmahan[email protected] – Science

Monica Miller[email protected] – Science

Penny Moffitt[email protected] – Business

Kenneth Neitz[email protected] – Mathematics

Summer Passmore[email protected] – Mathematics

Pam Pattillo[email protected] – Family&Consumer Science

Beverly Penland[email protected] – Mathematics

Larry Pickens[email protected] – Tech. & Industry

Dina Picou[email protected] – Mathematics

Larry Pickens[email protected] – Vocational

Shelly Pilkerton[email protected] – EC Assistant

Jesse Pinkston[email protected] – Business

Camille Plemens[email protected] – English

Tony Plemmons[email protected] – Chill-Out

Bobby Price[email protected] – Automotive Technology

Ryan Raby[email protected] – Health & PE

Rick Rogers[email protected] – Vocational

Tres Rogers[email protected] – Drafting

Pam Roper[email protected] – Mathematics

Jami Sanders[email protected] – Credit Recovery

Marcus Sayers  – [email protected] – Science

Analicia Semma[email protected] – English

Anna Shields[email protected] – Health & PE

Margaret Simpson[email protected] – Health Occupations

Gwen Smith[email protected] – Social Studies

Josh Solesbee[email protected] – Exceptional Children

Tammy Stiles[email protected] – Mathematics

Alton Sutton[email protected] – Driver’s Education

Vickie Sutton[email protected] – Assistant Principal

Sandy Tabor[email protected] – Office Staff

Jim Taylor –  [email protected] – Guidance

Susan Thompson[email protected] – Family & Consumer Science

April Vinson[email protected] – English

Lisa Welch[email protected] – French

Sarah Weresuk[email protected] – Science

Barry Woody[email protected] – Principal


The Official News Site of Franklin High School
FHS Faculty