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FFA stands for Future Farmers of America. This is a national organization where our FFA members compete across the state in federal conferences, regional, and state completions in certain fields such as land judging, forestry, dairy handling, parliamentary procedure, truck tractor, livestock, and Ag machines. It prepares the students and builds certain skills such as leadership and team work.




FFA meeting are Wednesday after school.


Now accepting applications for officer positions for the 2017-2018 school year, see Collins or Fox.

Quiz Bowl starting soon. Only available for first time AG students or freshman. See Collins or Fox for more information.

If you have any ideas for FFA day this year, please see any of the FFA officers, Collins or Fox.

Franklin Annual FFA Rodeo coming soon!! Please see Collins or Fox for sponsorship papers.



Jamie Bryson; President

Morgan Hooper; Vice President

Ethan Teague; Sentinel/ Chaplain

Courtney Tippett; Reporter

Olivia Hedden; Secretary



Sammy Jo Carpenter

Micheal Jones

Caleb Cochran                                

Natalie Owens                          

Josh Moss

Cameron Peek

Hunter Warman

Stone McConnell

Dylan Burt

Ivy Talley

Lexi Gibson

Anthony Ray

Will Gray

Josh Talley

Chandler Russell

Rainy Picciano

Kevin Jenkins

Dylan Coggins

Morgan Byrd

Brandon Painter



Kristen Hays

Olivia Hedden

Jonathan Fahey

Jake Clay

Bailey Burch

Tyler Scruggs

Maddie O’Neil

Jacob Burrell

Ethan Whitworth

Carey Deal

Brevon Kimsey

Jenna Vogt

Courtney Tippett

Cory Jones

Brett Pendergrass

Skyler Carpenter

Teighlor Holland

Jordan Price

Makayla Grinner



Ethan Teague

Tate Shepard

Tara Messer

John Branson

Kristan Wilson

Aliyah McConnell

Morgan Hooper

Cassie McMahan

Paige Watkins

Paige Clouse

Bryan Raby

Jacob Wallace

Austin Cruz

Julia Valdez

Jeremiah Connor

Desiree Saunders



Jamie Bryson

Noah Henderson

Cody Hodgkin

Olivia Keener

Nathan Brown

Ashlyn Scott

Courtney Haggard

Alyviah Holland

Tyler Warman

Danial Spala

Caleb Vinson

Breanna Varner

Sarah Browning

Mallie Ledford

Kayla Cabe

Chris Jenkins

Hunter Byrd

Avery Brendle

The Official News Site of Franklin High School