Agricultural Education is a systematic program of instruction available to students desiring to learn about the science, business and technology of plant and animal production and/or about the environmental and natural resources systems.

Business, Finance
and Info. Technology

Business, Finance and Information Technology provides students with meaningful instruction for and about business. Instruction encompasses business skills and techniques, an understanding of basic economics, and business attitudes essential to participate in the multinational marketplace as productive workers and consumers


Career Development include two career development curriculum products: Exploring Career Decisions and Career Management. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers and education in the 21st century. It helps students understand the lifelong, sequential process of determining self and career identity.

Family and
consumer sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) empowers individuals to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse global society. Students develop human literacy as they master a complex set of essential skills and knowledge needed to achieve quality of life. They gain career preparedness as they acquire readiness to participate in a rapidly changing workforce and global economy.


Health Science program seeks to meet present and predicted needs for health care workers within a health care delivery system that is characterized by diversity and changing technologies. It is a program that recruits qualified and motivated students and prepares them for pursuit of appropriate health careers.

Marketing and entrepreneurship

Marketing and Entrepreneurship prepares students for college and careers in marketing communications, marketing management, marketing research, merchandising, and professional sales. Marketing and Entrepreneurship consists of making socioeconomic decisions and producing goods and services to consumption. Instruction is as specific as procedures for merchandising and as general as the creativity needed to develop an effective promotion.

Trade and

Trade and Industrial Education prepares students for careers in U.S. Department of Education career clusters. Students participate in instructional units that educate them in standardized industry processes related to concepts, layout, design, materials, production, assembly, quality control, maintenance, troubleshooting, construction, repair and service of industrial, commercial and residential goods and products.

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