The following Theatre Arts courses are offered at Franklin High School.

Theatre Arts I

Do you enjoy trying to act like your favorite movie star, musician, or Broadway performer? Have you ever wanted to pretend you are a pirate, a damsel in distress, or have you ever wanted to talk in a British accent? Do you sing in the shower, but want to try singing in front of people just to see if it works out for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should consider taking Theatre I, which covers the basic elements of stagecraft, performing, script writing and history. Students will be required to participate in informal classroom skits.

Theatre Arts II- IV

This course is for students who more are interested in the performance aspect of theatre. This course requires students to participate in at least one play and one musical each year. Students will also have the opportunity to write scripts, direct productions in class as well as learn about various roles involved in theatre. Participation in after school rehearsals and performances is mandatory. Theatre I is required before this class.

Stagecraft I-IV

This course is for the student interested theatre. Students will learn about costuming as well as set building. Students in this class will assist in building sets and/or costumes for the theatre class productions in the semester the class is scheduled. Participation in after school rehearsals and performances is a requirement for this class.

Spring 2018 Performance Dates


Mr. Huckabee Theatre 1

Murder in the Front Row

April 20th& 21st at 7pm in the Fine Arts Building

Mr. Jessup Theatre 1-4

Too Good To Say Goodbye 

March 2nd & 3rd at 7pm in the Fine Arts Building


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