band insider : traveler shaw

1.Why did you join the FHS band?
I joined the band as a freshman because I knew a bunch of my friends were doing it and I wanted to keep 2.playing drums after middle school.
What instrument do you play?
I’m on the drumline and I play snare.
3.What is your favorite instrument to play/listen to?
 My favorite instrument to play or listen to would be the bass drums because each one has a different pitch and together they make a unique sound.
4.What do you most enjoy about being in the FHS band?
    I really enjoy traveling with the band and being able to meet other high school bands. It’s                                    cool to learn new things from kids that do the same things that we do. 
5.What would you be doing without the FHS band? 
If I wasn’t in band I’d have a lot more free time so I’d probably get back on the swim and dive team