Franklin High School: Student Spotlight
Abigail Emory, Senior
September 26, 2017

Abigail Emory chose to join FBLA because she saw it as an opportunity to be a leader. While in FBLA, she has gained professional knowledge; such as how to dress appropriately for interviews, and how leadership contributes to a successful future. Abigail plans to continue FBLA through college, further developing her communication and leadership skills. One of her favorite FBLA memories is bonding with other members in California over the summer.


Some advice Abigail would give her past-self five years ago would be: not to part her hair down the middle. If she were frozen for 100 years and woke up, the first thing she would ask would be: if there had been a female president, and was Trump impeached.

Abigail is a big fan of Alexander Hamilton, and Hamilton: An American Musical. If she could time travel, she would go back to 1787 Philadelphia, because that’s when and where Alexander Hamilton and James Madison participated in writing the Constitution.


If Abigail had to sing any karaoke song, it would be “Satisfied” from Hamilton: An American Musical, because she knows Angelica’s rap. Abigail would haunt the Biltmore House if she were a ghost because she has always wanted to live like the Downton Abbey characters. A dream of Abigail’s is to sit next to Ryan Reynolds while watching Deadpool and ask him if he has ever seen it before.

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Student Spotlight: Abigail Emory