Franklin High School: Student Spotlight
Mary Harper, Sophmore
November 28, 2018

About the student…..

Q: Why did you decide to join FBLA?

A: I decided to join FBLA because my brother was in FBLA and I got to see all of the fun things that he did. So I joined.

Q: What would be your best moment so far in FBLA?

A: So far it would be going to Charlotte with ten people. It was pretty fun.

Q: Besides FBLA what other extracurricular activities do you do at school?

A: National Honors Society

Q: What is different this year rather than last year when you were a freshman?

A: I have harder classes this year

Q: Is it weird having your mom teach at the same school you go to?

A: Not. At. All. It’s actually pretty cool. I just get to go to her room all the time

Q: What is the most memorable moment this year so far?

A: Probably in stagecraft when we got to build the haunted corn maize stuff.

Q: What is a goal you would like to achieve in the next five year?

A: College, hopefully.

Q: What movie describes your life at the moment?

A: Titanic.

Q: Do you have any colleges or universities in mind? If so what are they?

A: FSU (Florida State University), and WCU (Western Carolina University)

Q: Is there a teacher that has made an impact in your life?

A: Yes, Mrs. Brooks. She has helped me be a better person.

Q: What is one word you cant stand?

A: Moist.

Q: What is the most bizarre chewing gum flavor you can come up with? How much would you have to be paid to chew it?

A: Peanut Butter Pickles. A lot of money… five dollars.

Q: If you could have lunch with one person dead or alive, who would it be?

A: Zac Effron. Cause he is hot.

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Student Spotlight: Mary Harper