Franklin High School: Student Spotlight
Brooklyn Rogers, Senior
December 7, 2018

About the student…..

Q: Tell me about some of your favorite stops this summer on your trip out west?

A: I enjoyed crater lake Oregon, the Redwoods in Northern California, driving through the North Cascade mountains in Washington and visiting my family in Washington.i really love traveling and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to see as much of our beautiful country as I have.

Q: Tell me about one of the hardest things being in an RV with all your family for 2 weeks when you went on your trip out west?

A: I think the hardest thing was the long hours driving to the next spot, the RV was kind of crowded while we were driving but I felt like we all did a good job making the small space work.

Q: Tell me about your best memories from basketball?

A: I remember sophomore year when I was on the JV team and we won the conference tournament. It was huge for us considering the previous season where we struggled a lot. It was a huge accomplishment for us and it meant a lot to me to be a part of something so amazing.

I also remember when I was pulled up to varsity for the state playoffs that same year. It felt great to know that pushing myself to become a better player paid off.

I also have a lot of memories of coach bekah jumping all over the place my sophomore year when we did good things.


Q: How do you feel knowing that you are about to go into your last basketball season?

A: I’m sad to think about this being my last year for basketball; but I’m ready to give it 110% and to encourage my teammates and help them to continue to improve for this season and the seasons to come. I want to look back and feel like I made a difference and helped prepare my teammates for future seasons.

Q: If you could have changed one thing about your high school experience what would it be?

A: Longer lunch and no Fourth Lunch

Q: Tell me about what you are gonna miss most about being in high school?

A: I think I’ll miss seeing my underclassmen friends everyday. I’ve built a lot of friendships throughout the years and I really am going to miss hanging out with my friends all the time.


Q: Who do you look up to the most in your life and why?

A: The people I look up to the most are my parents. They encourage me to do what’s right, they push me to do my best, they help and encourage me to accomplish the goals I have, and they help me to be the person I want to be. I thank God every day for blessing me with the best and most loving parents. Plus I can’t imagine what they went through having 3 of us at the same time and 1 more later. I’m very appreciative for what they have done for me and my siblings.


Q: How would life be different if you weren’t a triplet?

A: If I wasn’t a triplet I feel like I would be kind of lonely. I’d be sad that I wouldn’t have two other people to experience the same things at the same time with. And I wouldn’t have them to go through life together.

Q: If you had unlimited money what is the first thing you would do with it?

A: I’d use it to take my family to Wrigley field to watch another cubs game. I’d pay to meet all the players and get all there autographs

Q: Tell me about the funnest class you took the past 4 years

A: I think I’d have to say my junior year Honors Chemistry class. Mrs Wersuk is an awesome teacher and we did a lot of fun experiments and activities in her class. She knew how to make a hard subject fun and It helped me learn too.

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Student Spotlight: Brooklyn Rogers