Student Spotlight

Renae Younce

Student Spotlight Featuring Gavin McConnell

What are the 3 main events FBLA competes at?

-Emerging business issues, intro to event planning, and public service announcement.

How has COVID impacted these events?

-COVID has impacted these events in a big way in that these events have been held virtually and will continue to be.

How do you all make money to go to all these different states? 

– We do a lot of different and great fundraising events throughout the year like car shows, sell Rada, and a whole lot more.

What do you learn from FBLA?

– FBLA as a whole has taught me a lot but one of the main things that it taught me was to come out of my shell and be a more self confident person.

How does FBLA look on your college resume?

-It looks amazing on any college application resume because with FBLA comes leadership skills and that too would go on that resume.

How many kids are involved in FBLA at FHS?

-There is around 20 kids in FBLA now but that number is still growing.

How do other people get involved in FBLA that aren’t already in it?

-Ask someone in FBLA about it and come to one of our meetings, we are very welcoming and would love to have you with us!

When are the meetings?

-Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:40 A.M. and 3:15 P.M. on both days.