Meet the Cheerleaders

Ariane Guzman

Q: What’s your name and what grade are you in?

A: My name is Gracie Elliott and I’m a freshman

Q: Where do you cheer at?

A: Smokey Mountain Competition

Q: How is COVID affecting your cheer season?

A: We have to wear a mask when we do stunts and we practice outside.

Q: Do you struggle sometimes when you have to stunt and wear a mask? Is it difficult to breathe?

A: There’s no real major  struggle with the mask, for me personally I can breathe just fine, it doesn’t change how we do with stunts.

Q: How long have you been in competitive cheer?

A: 3 years

Q: Are you a main, side or back base when you do stunts?

A: I’m a side base

Q: Do you have any other interests besides cheer?

A: Not really, I don’t have time for anything else