Band Insider: Claire Ballard

Grant Gregory

Q:   What made you join band ?

A:   I was in an orchestra when I lived in Florida, but I had to switch because I couldn’t     march with Cello.

Q:   Which part of band is your favorite?

A: The family, or the music.

Q:   I know that you have themed band camp days, which one is your favorite?

A:   Mismatch day, I think it’s funny to see everyone dressed up weird.

Q:   What instrument do you play, and why did you pick it?

A:   Clarinet, because my name is Claire.

Q:   Where is your favorite place you’ve been with the band?

A:   Sprayberry Regional Championship, or Wake Forest University.

Q:   What’s your favorite song you’ve played in band?

A:   Carol of the bells.

Q:   Are you in any activities other than band? 

A:   Yes, I’m in panther sound, track, and  swim.

Q:   How hard is it to juggle all those responsibilities?

A:   You have to be good at time management, but it’s definitely worth it.