Where are they now? Shawn Bryson

Where are they now? Shawn Bryson

Andres Cobian

Shawn Bryson went to Franklin High School and he graduated in 1995. I had a chance to ask him some question. When he was in high school he played multiple sports, but he focus more on football.  I asked him about the teams he had played for. 

“In college, I played for the University of Tennessee. During my professional career, I played with the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions.”

Do you have a favorite team?

“I would say that I don’t have a favorite team. I had great experiences on the 3 teams that I played for.”   

I also ask him if he was playing for any team today he said, “I am coaching now. I’m the Head Football Coach at Asheville School. It’s an independent boarding and day school located in West Asheville.  the college he went was  The University of Tennessee at Knoxville. “